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The best laid plans cannot stop sudden crises from devastating elders and their families.  Most "Elder Law" firms can do the planning.  Elder Law, PLC is uniquely ready to tackle the practical problems that arise when emergencies strike.  We make house calls and offer the talents of associated care managers, professional organizers, realtors, movers and other experts to solve the practical problems that defy the best of plans. 


Guardianship & Conservatorship

Often a person wanting to care for another lacks legal authority to do so.  Even parents of an incapacitated child need the Court’s permission to continue parenting after the child turns eighteen.  We can petition the Court to appoint you or another concerned party as a Guardian, Conservator or both; Guardian to look after care and medical decisions and Conservator to manage financial affairs.  When no one else is available, Elder Law, PLC is able and willing to assume those roles. 

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Elder Law, PLC is willing to assume fiduciary responsibilities when others are not able to undertake the burden of looking out for a family member or a friend in need.  We work with care management experts and medical professionals to find the best assistance and accommodations available.  Thereafter, Elder Law, PLC can serve as executors for estate management and distribution.  As a disinterested third party, we help alleviate the conflicts that often arise when a family member is named as executor.

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estate planning/documents

A good estate plan is more than just a will.  Wills only become effective after death.  They serve to distribute wealth to survivors, but give no power to assist the disabled or incapacitated through medical, residential and financial challenges.  Elder Law, PLC designs Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and other means to ensure that the living achieve the best quality of life throughout their lives. 

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Elder Law, PLC takes pride in its ability to move fast.  We have a team of experts on call to find the best residential and care options when time is of the essence.  We make “house calls” when there’s no time to get to the office. 


Please contact our office for immediate assistance. 


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